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Robotic Blasting Machine

The robotic blasting machine is mainly composed of two parts: one is loading and unloading system, and the other is shot blasting system. In particular, its robotic arm is able to hold different sized and different shaped castings without changing clamps, and it offers remarkable cleaning result.

Feature and Application
1. Our robotic abrasive blasting unit takes advantage of a PLC to effectively control every processing step so as to satisfy diverse production needs, and this PLC also feeds back processing data to make sure that every movement of the robot is conducted in a precise and smooth manner, thus realizing repeatable working.
2. A user-friendly touch screen is equipped to our robotic blasting machine, and it not only offers controlling function, but also allows program modification, system monitoring and failure diagnosis.
3. This robot shot blasting machine provides a cost-effective surface preparation solution for cylinder block and cylinder head.

System Configuration
Our robotic blasting machine is an integration of the following parts.
1. Bucket elevator
2. Screw conveyor
3. Blast chamber
4. Blast wheel
5. Abrasive silo and distribution system
6. Separator
7. Rotary drum sieve
8. Dust removal system
9. Dust discharging chimney
10. Blower
11. Fastening mechanism, drive device and protection device for jack catch

Ordering Information
The robotic blasting machine could be tailored according to customer’s needs. For example, its max. work piece size, number of blast wheel, number of work station, size of blast cabinet and other parameters can be adjusted to best fit for every practical application.

Technical Data of Robotic Blasting Machine
Item Data
Max. work piece size (L×W×H) 800×400×300mm
Max. work piece weight 180kg
Productivity 60 cycles per hour
Abrasive consumption rate 1400kg/min
Air requirement 13500m3/h
Total power 115kW
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