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Shot Blasting Machine for Coil Springs

The shot blasting machine for coil springs makes use of highly efficient and energy saving blast wheels to propel high-velocity abrasive streams onto the surface of coil springs, and each abrasive functions like ball-peen hammer to create compressive residual stress in the surface. As a result, the mechanical properties of coil springs are modified, thus enhancing their resistance to fatigue and corrosion. In addition, this shot peening machine could be customized to best fit very practical application.

System Configuration
Our shot blasting machine is mainly composed of blast chamber, pre-blastroom, post-blastroom, blast wheel assembly, abrasive reclamation system, work piece transport system, work piece rotation system, dust removal system, electrical control system and pneumatic control system.

1. Blast Chamber, Pre-Blastroom and Post-Blastroom

Made from Q235 steel plates and steel profiles via welding, the blast chamber boasts superior strength and stiffness, and it has 6 access doors which are lined by high chromium steel plates and sealed by foamed rubber seal strips on four sides. The chamber is also protected by high chromium steel plates, and these plates are fixed by protective nuts to facilitate replacement.

2. Blast Wheel Assembly

For our shot blasting machine for coil springs, its blast wheel assembly is mainly made up of blast wheel, turbine, V-belt and belt pulley, while the position and angle of blast wheel assembly are determined by computer-aided 3D dynamic simulation to realize complete coverage. Moreover, the applied 180-4RK blast wheel is fabricated using PANGBORN technology, and it has single disc and curved blades.

3. Abrasive Reclamation System

The abrasive reclamation system consists of screw conveyor, bucket elevator, sand separator, pneumatic valve, abrasive delivery chute and so on.

4. Dust Removal System

This coil spring shot peening machine incorporates dust collector, blower, settling box and pipeline together to form an effective dust removal system.

5. Electrical Control System

Controlled by a Siemens or Omron PLC controller, this shot blasting machine is fitted with a specialized switch to allow operators to change working mode between manual and automatic conveniently, and its frequency converter is provided by Siemens. Thanks to the inter-locking, self-locking and other safety functions, our coil spring shot blasting machine is able to work safely all the time.

Technical Data of Shot Blasting Machine for Coil Springs
Item Unit Q265 Q2615 ES1422
Max. work piece size mm Gear: Ф1500×1700
Inner wheel: Ф400×2000
Height: 200-500
Gear: Ф3000×1500
Inner wheel: Ф400×2500
Height: 200-500
Diameter: 50-300
Length: ≤700
Rotary table size mm Ф1500 Ф3000 -
Movable table size mm Ф500 Ф1000 -
Load capacity of rotary table kg 5000 15000 -
Power of blast wheels kW 3×18.5 3×18.5 30
Power of movable blast wheel kW 1×18.5 1×18.5 -
Abrasive consumption kg/min 4×280 4×280 420
Model of dust collector - HR4-16 HR4-32 JZC40
Air requirement m3/h 1000 22000 5940
Total power (without dust removal system) kW 107.15 119.3 40.05
Machine size mm 9350×3750×8790 12000×5250×8750 8230×762×1752
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