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Pass-Through Monorail Blast Machine

The pass-through monorail blast machine is a batch type shot blasting machine used to remove sand, grit, rust, oxidized layer and other contaminants from small or medium sized castings, forgings and alloy parts, thus providing steel constructions with necessary pre-treatment before painting.

System Configuration
As an overhead monorail blast cleaning machine, our monorail blast machine is made up of several parts as demonstrated below.

1. Blast Cabinet, Pre-Blastroom and Post-Blastroom

These parts are manufactured by welding structural steel frame with steel plates, and the blast cabinet is protected by wear resistant lining plates that are fixed by protective nuts for easy replacement. For pre-blastroom and post-blastroom which are connected directly before and after the pass-through monorail blast machine respectively, they are protected by wear resistant rubber plates, and two steel reinforced rubber plates are installed at the entrance to avoid abrasive splashing.

2. Blast Wheel Assembly

On one side wall of the blast cabinet, there are 4-6 blast wheel assemblies, and their positions and angles are determined by computer-aided 3D dynamic simulation. In this way, work pieces will receive thorough surface cleaning with minimized dead zone.

3. Abrasive Reclamation System

The abrasive reclamation system is made up of screw conveyor, bucket elevator, sand separator, pneumatic valve (for abrasive transport), abrasive delivery chute, etc.

4. Overhead Monorail

Our pass-through monorail blast machine uses overhead monorail to transfer work pieces to target workstations at a high speed, thus saving time and enhancing productivity. At the same time, fewer lifting tools are required, so the guide rail is released from heavy burden.

5. Other Parts
Aside from the above, this metal surface treatment equipment also contains dust removal system, start-up system and electrical control system.

Ordering Information
As a professional shot blasting machine producer and wholesaler in China, KAITAI could customize pass-through monorail blast machine in max. work piece size, number of blast wheel, number of workstation, size of shot blast cabinet and other aspects to best-fit every application.

Technical Data of Pass-Through Monorail Blast Machine
Item Unit Q583 Q585 Q5810 Q588
Max. work piece size mm Ф800×1500 Ф800×1200 Ф1300×2800 Ф550×2200
No. of workstations - 2 4 6 4
No. of blast wheels - 4 6 6 4
Abrasive consumption rate kg/min 4×250 6×360 6×330 4×480
Power of blast wheels kW 4×15 6 ×22 6×22 4×22
Max. loading capacity of hook kg 300 500 1000 800
Productivity Hook/hour 40 55 50 30
Blast cabinet size mm 3062×1800×
Air requirement m3/h 15000 18000 18000 17200
Total power kW 74.5 186.85 186.85 121.05
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