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Shot Blasting Machine with Overhead Conveyor

The shot blasting machine with overhead conveyor is developed to deal with profile steel, steel construction, copper plate, construction machinery part and other large weldments, so, rust, slag and oxidized layer are removed away from their surfaces while residual stress is also eliminated. In this way, uniform metallic luster is obtained, thus improving painting result and corrosion resistance.

System Configuration
This shot blasting machine is mainly composed of the following parts.

1. Blast Cabinet

Constructed from steel plate and profile steel through welding process, the blast cabinet has a robust structure, and it is lined with wear resistant high chromium cast iron plates. These plates are as thick as 10mm to offer reliable protection, and they are fixed by special-purpose nuts to allow simple replacement.

For the hook slideway which is at the top of blast cabinet, labyrinth seal is formed by wear resistant manganese steel plate, 65Mn steel plate, wear resistant rubber plate and nylon brush, thereby effectively preventing abrasives from splashing out from the cabinet.

2. Sealed Room

Our wheel blast cleaning equipment uses thick steel plates to make a sealed room, and lights are installed inside to provide illuminance of over 300lux. Moreover, suction openings are set at two sides of the room, allowing operators to use compressed air to remove remaining steel shots on the surface of work piece.

This room is equipped with two doors which are pneumatically controlled by air cylinders to realize smooth opening/closing, and rubber curtains are adopted to well seal the room.

3. Blast Wheel Assembly
For our shot blasting machine, there are totally 8 blast wheel assemblies in the blast cabinet, and applied blast wheel is manufactured on the basis of Japanese technology. These blast wheels are installed at fixed locations with proper angles as determined by 3D dynamic simulation, so work pieces will receive complete surface cleaning.

4. Abrasive Reclamation System
This metal surface treatment equipment’s abrasive reclamation system is made up of screw conveyor, bucket elevator, sand separator, pneumatic valve (for abrasive transport), abrasive delivery chute, etc.

5. Work Piece Transport System

For this overhead rail shot blast machine, the work piece transport system is oval type for in-line operation. It has 28 hangers whose individual load capacity is 1T, and it is made up of support, hook, slideway, electric hoist, slide contact line and so on.

6. Dust Removal System

The shot blasting machine is outfitted with a two-stage dust removal system, and this system consists of dust collector, blower, cyclone dust extractor and pipes. During working, large particles are separated first in setting box as a result of their big mass, and then filtration is carried out with the help of cartridge filters.

Ordering Information
The shot blasting machine with overhead conveyor could be made to order as per customer’s requirements, and customizable item includes max. work piece size, number of blast wheel, number of workstation, size of blast cabinet, etc.

Technical Data of Shot Blasting Machine with Overhead Conveyor
Item Unit QT20H QT50H QT3740H QT3720H
Max. work piece size mm 5880×3185×957 4000×3270×1320 Ф2500×4650 Ф2000×3200
Model of blast wheels - XQH400 XQH400 XQH350 XQH300
Power of blast wheels kW 8×18.5 8×18.5 8×15 12×11
Abrasive consumption kg/min 8×280 8×280 8×250 12×200
Total power (without dust removal system) kW 187.4 187.4 148.3 168.3
Air requirement m3/h 30000 30000 19000 38000
Machine size (L×W×H) mm 18000×8150×
(underground: 1650)
(underground: 2150)
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