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Cast Steel Grit

The cast steel grit is classified into 10 models which are G10, G12, G14, G16, G18, G25, G40, G50, G80 and G120.

  • G10 Cast Steel Grit
  • G12 Cast Steel Grit
  • G14 Cast Steel Grit
  • G16 Cast Steel Grit
  • G18 Cast Steel Grit
  • G25 Cast Steel Grit
  • G40 Cast Steel Grit
  • G50 Cast Steel Grit
  • G80 Cast Steel Grit
  • G120 Cast Steel Grit

Production Standard for Cast Steel Grit
1. GB/T18838.3-2008: Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products - Specifications for metallic blast-cleaning abrasives - Part 3: High-carbon cast-steel shot and grit
2. SFSA Designation: 20-66
3. SAE J1993: High Carbon Steel Grit
4. YB/T5150-1993: Cast steel grit
5. MIL-S-851C: Military Specification: Steel Grit, Shot, And Cut Wire Shot; And Iron Grit And Shot-Blast Cleaning and Peening
6. ISO11124 Part 3: High-carbon cast-steel shot and grit

Technical Data
Name Cast steel grit
Chemical composition Carbon 0.70~1.20%
Manganese 0.35~1.20%
Silicon 0.40~1.20%
Sulfur ≤0.05%
Phosphorous ≤0.05%
Average hardness (tested at the load of 500g) GP steel grit: 42~50HRC (399~509HV)
GL steel grit: 56~60HRC (620~713HV)
GH steel grit: 63~66HRC (759~889HV)
Max. hardness deviation ±3.0HRC (± 40HV)
Microstructure Uniform tempered martensite, or tempered troostite with well distributed carbides
Min. density (alcohol replace testing) 7.4g/cm3

Application Range
This cast steel abrasive is intended for a wide range of jobs, such as:
1. Surface cleaning: Castings, forgings, die-castings, steel plates, H-shaped steel, structural steel
2. Derusting and descaling: Castings, forgings, steel plates, H-shaped steel, structural steel
3. Surface strengthening: Gears, heat-treated parts
4. Shot blasting: Steel plates, steel profiles
5. Shot peening: Steel plates, steel profiles
6. Desanding: Steel plates, steel profiles
7. Pretreatment before painting: Steel plates, steel profiles, structural steel

Detailed Application Information
1. GP Steel Grit

The GP steel grit is a kind of angular metal abrasive that will lose its sharpness during operation, and it is suited to remove mill scale from steel plates.

2. GL Steel Grit
The GL steel grit will also lost its sharpness during shot blasting though it has higher hardness when compared to GP steel grit, and it is particularly suitable for the descaling of steel plates.

3. GH Steel Grit
With a very high hardness level, the GH steel grit maintains its angularity during operation, and it offers an effective solution to create regular yet etched surface. This kind of cast steel grit is highly recommended when working performance is of top priority than price, like dealing with rollers for cold mills. In addition, this product is designed specifically for air blast operations.

Applicable Equipment
The cast steel grit fits for a number of metal surface treatment machines, like:
1. Barrel blast machine, overhead rail shot blast machine, rubber belt tumble blast machine, pass-through monorail blast machine, turntable shot blasting machine, spinner hanger shot blasting machine, rotary table shot blast machine, wire mesh belt shot blast machine, steel pipe shot blasting machine, coil spring shot blasting machine and other shot blasting equipment.
2. Shot peening machine, derusting equipment, steel plate pretreatment line
3. Sanding machine for aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and stainless steel
4. Specialized metal surface cleaning equipment for carbon rods, auto parts, motorcycle accessories, marine anchor chains, construction machinery, steel profiles, steel constructions, etc.

Size Distribution
Screen No. Screen size (mm) Cast steel grit
2.5 2.0 1.7 1.4 1.2 1.0 0.7 0.4 0.3 0.2
7 2.80 all pass
8 2.36 all pass
10 2.00 80% min all pass
12 1.70 90% min 80% min all pass
13 1.40 90% min 80% min all pass
16 1.18 90% min 75% min all pass
18 1.00 85% min 75% min all pass
20 0.850
25 0.710 85% min 70% min all pass
30 0.600
35 0.500 80% min
40 0.425 70% min all pass
45 0.355
50 0.300 80% min 65% min all pass
80 0.180 75% min 65% min
120 0.125 75% min 60% min
200 0.075 70% min
325 0.045
SAE G-10 G-12 G-14 G-16 G-18 G-25 G-40 G-50 G-80 G-120

Our cast steel grit is packed in woven bags, paper bags, flexible freight bags, barrels or pallets.

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