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Aluminum Shot

Measured 0.8mm in size, our aluminum shot (or aluminum cut wire shot) is a kind of cost-effective blast media used for metal surface cleaning and strengthening.

Technical Data
Name Aluminum shot
Chemical analysis Al: ≥99%
Hardness 45~50HV
Tensile strength 80~240MPa
Ervin life 6500 cycles
Microstructure Deformed α-phase
Density 2.7g/cm3
Bulk density 1.5g/cm3

As a long-life and low-dust abrasive material, our aluminum shot is widely adopted to deal with precise castings, auto parts, instruments, pump valves, hardware tools and engineering machines to remove burr, flash, mill scale, surface defect as well as internal stress, and it flattens and strengthens metal surfaces at the same time. In addition, this metal abrasive also offers etching and matt effects.

The aluminum shot is packed in woven bags, paper bags, flexible freight bags, barrels or pallets.

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