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Zinc Shot

The zinc shot, or zinc cut wire shot, measures 0.8mm in size, and its zinc content is over 99%, so it is also known as high purity zinc shot.

Technical Data
Name Zinc shot
Chemical analysis Zn: ≥99 %
Hardness 45~50HV
Tensile strength 90~120MPa
Ervin life 6000 cycles
Microstructure Deformed α-phase
Density 7.1g/cm3
Bulk density 4.1g/cm3

Application Range
As a kind of high-quality blast abrasives, our zinc shot is utilized to eliminate burrs, mill scales, surface defects and internal stress from instruments, hardware tools, auto parts, pump valves, precise castings, metal die-castings, construction machines as well as other metal parts, and it flattens and strengthens these components at the same time. In addition, etched or matt finish is also expectable.

The zinc shot is packed in woven bags, paper bags, flexible freight bags, barrels or pallets.

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