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Wear Resistant Castings

    1. Shot Blasting Machine PartsWe are delighted to offer a broad range of customized shot blasting machine parts for shot blast machine manufacturers and maintainers. These shot blasting accessories are made from high chrome cast iron to ensure superior wear resistance and excellent dynamic balance.
    1. Automotive CastingsDue to the implementation of leading-edge casting process and high-quality raw materials, our precision castings possess superior mechanical property and high dimensional accuracy.
      Based on relevant drawings, bespoke cast auto parts are available, like
    1. Metal CastingsKAITAI offers a wide range of customized metal castings, such as caliper, wrench handle, etc. These hardware tools are constructed from carbon steel or alloy steel, and they possess good mechanical property and beautiful appearance.
    1. Electrical PartsAre important electrical parts, and they can be customized in our factory if corresponding drawings are offered.
      Manufacturing Technique: Combination of silica sol casting and water glass casting
      Material: Cast steel (45#)
    1. Valve PartsOur steel valve parts are constructed from high-quality raw materials, so they boast compact microstructure and good anti-permeability. In addition, these products could be customized if corresponding samples or drawings are sent to us.
    1. Agricultural Machinery PartsKAITAI makes uses of high-quality carbon steel and alloy steel to manufacture various kinds of customized agricultural machinery parts via casting process, such as machine frame, cutting tool, crushing jaw, ploughshare, etc.
    1. Construction Machinery CastingsKAITAI could manufacture construction machinery castings for worldwide customers, and these engineering machinery accessories could be tailored if relevant drawings are provided. Our precision castings mainly include bracket, impeller, alloy bit, impact block, lamp base and so on.

From 2007 and on, KAITAI has devoted itself to the production of wear resistant castings, and these precision castings are made of wear resistant cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel, etc. With the annual production capacity of 20,000 tons, our factory becomes a large production base for investment casting in China.

Thanks to the advanced production equipment, modern management philosophy and impeccable quality management system, our wearing resistant castings fully satisfies industrial demands for automobile, hardware fitting, agricultural machinery, electric appliance, mining machinery, shot blasting machine, engineering machinery and so on.

Available Products
Our wear resistant castings cover a wide range of products, like shot blasting machine parts, automotive castings, metal castings, electrical parts, valve parts, construction machinery castings and agricultural machinery castings, and these products are customizable.