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    1. Rubber Belt Tumble Blast Machine

      The Q15GN and Q28GN rubber belt blasters are used to remove oxidized layer and other contaminants from surfaces of castings, forgings and weldments, and they are also applicable for other metal parts, such as aluminum castings, nonferrous parts, hard-to-clean work pieces, easy-to-tumble work pieces, castings with small cavity depth, non-brittle metal components, etc.
      The Q32 rubber belt blaster could clean ... >> Read More

    1. Spinner Hanger Shot Blasting Machine

      The blast cabinet body is formed by welding Q235 steel plate and profile steel together, and there are 2/3/4 QY360 blast wheels on one side of its wall to provide thorough cleaning for work pieces to be shot blasted.
      The blast cabinet is lined with 10-mm-thick ZCr5 steel panels, and these panels are connected together (overlap joint) by protective nuts to facilitate replacement when necessary. >> Read More

    1. Pass-Through Monorail Blast Machine

      On one side wall of the blast cabinet, there are 4-6 blast wheel assemblies, and their positions and angles are determined by computer-aided 3D dynamic simulation. In this way, work pieces will receive thorough surface cleaning with minimized dead zone.
      he abrasive reclamation system is made up of screw conveyor, bucket elevator, sand separator, pneumatic valve ... >> Read More

    1. Shot Blasting Machine with Overhead Conveyor

      For our shot blasting machine, there are totally 8 blast wheel assemblies in the blast cabinet, and applied blast wheel is manufactured on the basis of Japanese technology. These blast wheels are installed at fixed locations with proper angles as determined by 3D dynamic simulation, so work pieces will receive complete surface cleaning.
      This metal surface treatment ... >> Read More

    1. Overhead Rail Shot Blast MachineOur shot blasting machine is primarily used to deal with locomotive parts (swing bolster, side frame, coupler, coupler yoke, etc.), and it also fits for welded parts and small-sized components in batches.
      As a piece of complicated metal surface cleaning equipment, the overhead rail shot blast machine is constituted of several parts.
    1. Continuous Overhead Rail Shot Blast Machine

      The blast wheel assembly consists of blast wheel, turbine, bed plate and so on. For this overhead rail shot blast machine, Q034Z direct driven centrifugal blast wheel is utilized, and its location and angle are precisely calculated by computer-aided 3D dynamic simulation to provide thorough cleaning for metal surfaces. In addition, the blast wheel is housed inside an acoustic enclosure, but it allows ... >> Read More

    1. Rotary Table Shot Blast MachineThe work piece loading system is mainly composed of rotary table, perforated table plate, protective side plate, travelling wheel and drive mechanism, and the rotary table adopts a fully enclosed structure to protect speed reducer from being damaged by abrasives.
    1. Shot Blasting Machine for Steel Sheets and Profiles

      Endowed with drying tunnel, electrical heater, slat conveyor, draught fan and other parts, our paint drying system dries newly painted plates continuously as they are moving in the tunnel, thus making the paint in a touch dry or solid dry condition.
      This metal surface cleaning equipment makes use of a two-stage dedusting process ... >> Read More

    1. Shot Blasting Machine for Pipes

      Our pipe shot blasting machine fits for blast cleaning of steel pipes that are used to deliver tap water, natural gas, coal gas, petroleum and other media since it significantly improves surface condition of steel pipes.
      The shot blasting machine for pipes is available in bespoke configurations to better satisfy every customer, and the customizable list covers max. work piece size, number of ... >> Read More

    1. Wire Mesh Belt Shot Blast MachineThe horizontal wire mesh is manufactured from highly wear resistant manganese steel through special production process to extend its service life to as long as 3500-4000h, and it ensures that both upper and lower sides of metal parts are effectively cleaned in one step. In addition, the wire mesh belt conveyor is driven by a shaft-mounted speed reducer to realize stepless
    1. Roller Conveyor Shot Blast Machine for H Shaped Steel

      Composed of blast wheel, turbine, belt pulley, V-belt and bed plate, the blast wheel assemblies are installed on the side walls of blast cabinet, and there are 6 of them in total. Their position and angle are calculated by 3D dynamic simulation to offer full surface cleaning with minimized dead zone. When it comes to our roller conveyor shot blast machine, Q034 blast wheel is used, and it is a highly efficient product ... >> Read More

    1. Robotic Blasting MachineOur robotic abrasive blasting unit takes advantage of a PLC to effectively control every processing step so as to satisfy diverse production needs, and this PLC also feeds back processing data to make sure that every movement of the robot is conducted in a precise and smooth manner, thus realizing repeatable working.
    1. Barrel Blast MachineThis rotating barrel wheel blast machine makes its barrel rotate and swing when propelling abrasive media, so work pieces inside the barrel are tumbled sufficiently without part-to-part collision, thus realizing uniform coverage, short cleaning time and high working efficiency.
    1. Shot Blasting Machine for Coil SpringsMade from Q235 steel plates and steel profiles via welding, the blast chamber boasts superior strength and stiffness, and it has 6 access doors which are lined by high chromium steel plates and sealed by foamed rubber seal strips on four sides.
    1. Turntable Shot Blasting MachineOur shot blast machine is utilized for the surface cleaning of small to medium sized castings, forgings, weldments as well as metal parts that are flat, thin-walled or sensitive to shock, and it is particularly suitable for the surface peening of gears, shafts, springs, pull rods and heat treated components.
    1. Cast Steel ShotAs a kind of metallic blast cleaning abrasive, our cast steel shot is applicable for a wide range of shot blasting machine including barrel type, spinner hanger type, rubber belt type, pass-through type, turntable type, rotary table type, etc. It also works well with shot peening machine, steel plate pretreatment line and so on.
    1. Cast Steel GritWith a very high hardness level, the GH steel grit maintains its angularity during operation, and it offers an effective solution to create regular yet etched surface. This kind of cast steel grit is highly recommended when working performance is of top priority than price, like dealing with rollers for cold mills.
    1. Stainless Steel ShotThis metal abrasive fits perfectly for shot blasting machine, shot peening machine, sand blasting machine, steel plate pretreatment line and so on.
      Our stainless steel shot is packed in woven bags, paper bags, flexible freight bags, barrels or pallets.
    1. Steel Cut Wire ShotOur metal abrasive works well with shot blasting machine, shot peening machine, sand blasting machine, steel plate pretreatment line, etc.
      The steel cut wire shot is packed in woven bags, paper bags, flexible freight bags, barrels or pallets.
    1. Aluminum ShotAs a long-life and low-dust abrasive material, our aluminum shot is widely adopted to deal with precise castings, auto parts, instruments, pump valves, hardware tools and engineering machines to remove burr, flash, mill scale, surface defect as well as internal stress, and it flattens and strengthens metal surfaces at the same time.
    1. Copper ShotThe copper shot, also called as copper cut wire shot, is a cost-effective abrasive media for the deburring, descaling, surface defect removal and internal stress elimination of a wide range of materials, such as precise castings, metal die-castings, hardware tools, auto parts, pump valves, construction machines, instruments and so on.
    1. Zinc ShotAs a kind of high-quality blast abrasives, our zinc shot is utilized to eliminate burrs, mill scales, surface defects and internal stress from instruments, hardware tools, auto parts, pump valves, precise castings, metal die-castings, construction machines as well as other metal parts, and it flattens and strengthens these components at the same time.
    1. Shot Blasting Machine PartsWe are delighted to offer a broad range of customized shot blasting machine parts for shot blast machine manufacturers and maintainers. These shot blasting accessories are made from high chrome cast iron to ensure superior wear resistance and excellent dynamic balance.
    1. Automotive CastingsDue to the implementation of leading-edge casting process and high-quality raw materials, our precision castings possess superior mechanical property and high dimensional accuracy.
      Based on relevant drawings, bespoke cast auto parts are available, like
    1. Metal CastingsKAITAI offers a wide range of customized metal castings, such as caliper, wrench handle, etc. These hardware tools are constructed from carbon steel or alloy steel, and they possess good mechanical property and beautiful appearance.
    1. Electrical PartsAre important electrical parts, and they can be customized in our factory if corresponding drawings are offered.
      Manufacturing Technique: Combination of silica sol casting and water glass casting
      Material: Cast steel (45#)
    1. Valve PartsOur steel valve parts are constructed from high-quality raw materials, so they boast compact microstructure and good anti-permeability. In addition, these products could be customized if corresponding samples or drawings are sent to us.
    1. Agricultural Machinery PartsKAITAI makes uses of high-quality carbon steel and alloy steel to manufacture various kinds of customized agricultural machinery parts via casting process, such as machine frame, cutting tool, crushing jaw, ploughshare, etc.
    1. Construction Machinery CastingsKAITAI could manufacture construction machinery castings for worldwide customers, and these engineering machinery accessories could be tailored if relevant drawings are provided. Our precision castings mainly include bracket, impeller, alloy bit, impact block, lamp base and so on.