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Applications of Shot Blasting Machine
  • Shot Blast Machine: Rust Removal of Marine Use Steel Plates

  • In shipyards, applied steel plates shall be free from rust, otherwise manufactured ships will be of inferior quality. However, manual derusting seems impossible since it is a time-consuming job.

    Given this, our shot blast machine for steel sheets and profiles, roller conveyor shot blast machine for H shaped steel, and shot blasting machine with overhead conveyor are highly recommended. Up to now, many shipyards and steel factories have adopted our shot blasting machine and corresponding metal abrasives. In addition, the shot blasting machine for steel sheets and profiles has been exported to Australia and many other countries.

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  • Shot Blast Machine: Corrosion Prevention of Construction Machinery

  • After corresponding components are welded onto construction machinery (bulldozer, excavator, etc.), derusting operation is usually carried out to provide a clean surface for painting.

    Given this, our shot blast machine is scientifically designed and meticulously crafted to offer reliable metal surface cleaning solution.

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  • Shot Blast Machine: Corrosion Prevention of Steel Pipes

  • With rapid economic development, people have more and more rigorous requirements on steel pipes used to transport gas and oil, and insiders have paid special attention to the corrosion resistance of steel pipes because this property is closely related to their service life. However, a clean surface is very important for corrosion resistance since it determines whether anticorrosive coating could bond tightly with steel pipes.

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  • Shot Blasting Machine: Surface Cleaning and Strengthening of Containers

  • Our shot blasting machine is a piece of very practical surface treatment equipment for containers, and it imparts many outstanding properties to containers. For example, it enhances paint film’s service life and corrosion resistance, improves steel plates’ mechanical strength and wear resistance, etc.

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  • Shot Blasting Machine: Work as Shot Blast Room

  • Shot blast room is a piece of widely used pretreatment equipment, and it is mainly adopted for the surface cleaning of small, medium and large sized metal parts used in ships, cars, locomotives, aircrafts, containers, bridges, military weapons, electric facilities, steel constructions, construction machines, mining machines and so on. In particular, our shot blasting machine is particularly suitable for small but precise metal parts as well as large work pieces with irregular shapes.

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  • Shot Blasting Machine: Surface Cleaning of Castings and Forgings

  • Most metal parts will be oxidized on the surface during hot forging, and this oxidized layer deteriorates rust resistance of later applied chemical coating. So, shot blasting is very necessary.

    For work pieces that will undergo cutting, descaling is an indispensable process since it reduces wear of cutting tools, maintains machining precision of lathes and enhances dimensional accuracy of forging stocks. This is exceptionally important for automatic lathes.

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