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Shot Blast Machine: Corrosion Prevention of Construction Machinery
  • Oil Tank Truck with Cleaned Metal Plates
  • Special Vehicle with Cleaned Metal Plates

After corresponding components are welded onto construction machinery (bulldozer, excavator, etc.), derusting operation is usually carried out to provide a clean surface for painting.

Given this, our shot blast machine is scientifically designed and meticulously crafted to offer reliable metal surface cleaning solution.

Recommended Model
Q36/Q76 Rotary Table Shot Blast Machine

The rotary table shot blast machine uses blast wheels to accelerate abrasives, and then these high-speed abrasives are sprayed onto the surface of work piece which is loaded on the rotary table to remove sand, oxidized layer and other contaminants. As a result, metal parts will have glossy surfaces with a certain level of roughness.

QT37 Shot Blasting Machine with Overhead Conveyor

The shot blasting machine with overhead conveyor is developed to deal with profile steel, steel construction, copper plate, construction machinery part and other large weldments, so, rust, slag and oxidized layer are removed away from their surfaces while residual stress is also eliminated.