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Shot Blasting Machine: Work as Shot Blast Room
  • Surface Cleaning for Wind Tower
  • Shot Blast Room

Shot blast room is a piece of widely used pretreatment equipment, and it is mainly adopted for the surface cleaning of small, medium and large sized metal parts used in ships, cars, locomotives, aircrafts, containers, bridges, military weapons, electric facilities, steel constructions, construction machines, mining machines and so on. In particular, our shot blasting machine is particularly suitable for small but precise metal parts as well as large work pieces with irregular shapes.

Recommended Model
Q69 Shot Blasting Machine for Steel Sheets and Profiles

The shot blasting machine for steel sheets and profiles has a quite self-explanatory name, indicating that it is developed for the derusting and painting treatment of steel plates, steel profiles and structural parts used for ships, automobiles, locomotives, bridges, engineering machines and so on.

QH69 Roller Conveyor Shot Blast Machine for H Shaped Steel

Composed of blast wheel, turbine, belt pulley, V-belt and bed plate, the blast wheel assemblies are installed on the side walls of blast cabinet, and there are 6 of them in total. Their position and angle are calculated by 3D dynamic simulation to offer full surface cleaning with minimized dead zone.