Shandong KAITAI Shot Blasting Machinery Co., Ltd.

Add.: Qingyang Town, Zouping County, Shandong Province, China
Tel.: +86-543-4579616
Contact Person: Becky

  • Scope of Services

  • 1. Pre-sales Service
    Our professional pre-sales consultants would like to evaluate customers’ requirements and then propose corresponding solutions. This service can be conducted either in a face-to-face manner or via telephone: +86-543-4579616.

    2. During-sales Service
    Our technical engineers will deliver training courses in different forms to help customers know how to correctly operate shot blasting machines.

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  • Technical Consultation

  • What KAITAI Offers Includes:
    1. Application methods for shot blasting machine, cast steel shot, cast steel grit, steel cut wire shot and other metal abrasives to obtain optimal cleanliness, roughness and coverage in a highly efficient way
    2. Recommendations for use of shot blasting machine and metal abrasive when dealing with granite, marble and other stones
    3. Technical suggestions on how to use and maintain abrasive blast equipment so as to effectively reduce production cost
    4. Professional advice on how to cut down the consumption of abrasive media
    5. On-the-spot training to guide users how to properly use shot blasting machine and metal abrasive (cast steel shot, cast steel grit, steel cut wire shot, etc.)
    6. Standards and papers on surface cleaning of steel plates in English or Chinese (free of charge)

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