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Shot Blasting Machine: Surface Cleaning of Stainless Steel or Non-ferrous Castings
  • Aluminum Alloy Castings (after shot blasting)
  • Aluminum Alloy Castings (after shot blasting)

Stainless steel castings and non-ferrous (aluminum alloy, copper alloy, etc.) castings require shot blasting so as to remove oxidized layer and detect surface defect. But more importantly, shot blasting operation is capable of deburring and offering a decorative effect.

Recommended Model
Q15GN Rubber Belt Tumble Blast Machine

The Q15GN and Q28GN rubber belt blasters are used to remove oxidized layer and other contaminants from surfaces of castings, forgings and weldments, and they are also applicable for other metal parts, such as aluminum castings, nonferrous parts, hard-to-clean work pieces, easy-to-tumble work pieces, castings with small cavity depth, non-brittle metal components, etc.

Q37 Spinner Hanger Shot Blasting Machine

The spinner hanger shot blasting machine offers a reliable blast cleaning solution for different kinds of work pieces, and it is typically designed to handle medium and large components that cannot be tumbled in bulk loads. In addition, with a compact structure, high productivity and no foundation pit, this surface treatment equipment has been extensively utilized in various industries.

Q48 Overhead Rail Shot Blast Machine

The work piece transport system uses stamped and detachable heavy duty chains to lift work pieces, and the hook slideway at the top of blast cabinet adopts labyrinth seal formed by 10mm ZCr5 wear resistant plate, 8mm 65Mn steel plate, 4mm wear resistant rubber plate and nylon brush, so abrasives won’t be sprayed out the cabinet.

QWD Wire Mesh Belt Shot Blast Machine

Our wire mesh shot blast machine takes advantage of a wire mesh belt conveyor to transport work pieces into the fully enclosed blast chamber, and then the blast wheel assembly uses a high-speed rotating impeller to accelerate and spray abrasives onto the surface of work piece to realize thorough surface cleaning. In addition, this metal surface cleaning equipment is applicable for flat shaped castings, forgings and structural parts.